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Seatrek Training Powerboat Level 2

Excited to welcome to Seatrek’s fleet Nexus our 6.55m Ribtec

Joining SEATREK’S Training and Charter fleet is Nexus she is a 6.55m Ribtec RIB from the Camel Trophy team and was used as their media boat covering the expedition in 2000. With 6 seats, plenty of storage and a frame work to carry all those essentials, wakeboard, ski’s canoes and of course the lipstick!, and with a 500 mile range on her, she is great for the long distant journeys. This year she is being used on our flotilla in May as a safety & escort boat.
Seatrek Charter and Training RIB


Nexus will be used predominately for our training and charter business, she has been utilised already in the latter part of 2015 with great success. She is different there is no getting away from that, safe most definitely, an experience that goes without saying. With seats side by side, (reminiscent of Klingon our first RIB in the company)  an instructor is seated by the side of the student at all times giving an excellent platform for teaching, not just the youngsters but also for those beginners out for the first time. Anyone wanting to hone up or experience night passages she is well equipped with all the necessary safety gear, plenty of lighting and I don’t mean her navigation lights but the spots on the front she is well lit up if the occasion dictates it.

For those on charter it allows them all the fun of driving her, great for pictures and something different from all the other RIB trips out there. A talking point for those get together’s for many months to come.  For the start of the season she will be fully MCA coded to fall in line with current legislation.

We have been looking long and hard at finding a name for her, when she first came to us the office was tasked to see if they could come up with something…..banana boat! really, and some other unsavoury comments. Eventually this year we came up with NEXUS ok I hear you ask what does it mean? so hear it is:

A connection or series of connections linking two or more things

We felt that this was really what we are a connection of all things maritime if we can’t help then we know someone who can. She’s a link between the charter and the training boat

A connected group or series: a nexus of ideas

What a great way to introduce her to students with plenty of ideas in training and many of them thought provoking an excellent instrument for teaching.

A central or focal point: the nexus of any government in this country is No.10

Well certainly not No. 10 or Holyrood’s but she is the new focal point for Seatrek based at Kip Marina

The Origin

Mid 17th century: from Latin, ‘a binding together’, from nex- ‘bound’, from the verb nectere

‘A binding together’ This brings us to our core values without these we are unable to bring everything together whether it be our staff or our clients it is the integral part of who we are and what we stand for

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