The Lungs

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The Lungs

The lungs learn from our First aid training at Seatrek Marine Services

The lungs

The Lungs useful facts you didn’t know

The word ‘Lung’ originates from 13th Century Germanic language; it means ‘light’ which refers to the weight of the organ (because there is so much air in there!

There are two lungs sitting either side of the chest with the heart nestled on the left side. The right is larger and has 3 lobes as opposed to the left only having two.

We breathe in about 21% Oxygen at a rate of 12 – 18 times a minute

To provide our bodies with the oxygen they actually require, we would only need to breathe once per minute. The reason we breathe so often is to eliminate carbon dioxide build-up in the lungs.

In total the respiratory consists of almost 1,500 miles of airways – approximately the same distance from London to Moscow!

If they were to be rolled out flat they would be around the size of a tennis court.

How long can we hold our breath for most people who are fit can normally hold it for about 40 – 60 seconds. The longest time recorded is by Aleix Segura Vendrell in Barcelona in February 2016 when he held his breath for 24 minutes 3 seconds

Why do we yawn often it is in the afternoon after lunch or can be started when watching someone else yawn and it becomes a reaction to this however, the purpose of Yawning is normally done when were tired, surprisingly, a yawn is triggered when the brain detects low oxygen levels in the lungs – Yawning is the body’s way of taking in large amounts of oxygen.

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