Friction Burns

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  Friction Burns such as this, are caused by a rubbing action between two surfaces. One being more abrasive than the other, in this case a rope.  This injury was caused during a wake board session. The casualty held one end of the rope and the other end was attached to  the speedboat. During this time the casualty shortened the rope he was … Read More

Heimlich Manoeuvre – Abdominal Thrust

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First Aid at Work Course showing the treatment for choking

Heimlich Manoeuvre  The History of the Heimlich Manoeuvre – How one Man and his Dog Helped Save Thousands! With the Heimlich manoeuvre (abdominal thrusts) being a vital lifesaving technique that is taught on most first aid courses, you would probably think that it had been around for centuries. However, did you know that research into this manoeuvre only started in the early 1970s? With … Read More

The Lungs

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The Lungs The Lungs useful facts you didn’t know The word ‘Lung’ originates from 13th Century Germanic language; it means ‘light’ which refers to the weight of the organ (because there is so much air in there! There are two lungs sitting either side of the chest with the heart nestled on the left side. The right is larger and … Read More

Gift Vouchers

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christmas voucher at seatrek marine services

Gift Vouchers can be obtained for a special occasion such as Birthdays, Anniversaries or Christmas. We can supply them at any value starting from as little as £10 to as much as you would like to spend. The voucher is redeemable against any of our courses, valeting services or charter trips and must be taken within 6 months of purchase. … Read More

Inverclyde Recruits 2016

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Recruit at Seatrek

  2016 saw the Inverclyde Recruits visiting Seatrek Marine Services for a day of marketing and learning new skills. Here we have added one of the presentations that was put together by the young people that day. radio presentation On Friday 19 August we had the pleasure of attending their award ceremony which celebrated their achievements this year which was held at the town … Read More

P1 Powerboat Event

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Seatrek Marine Services at the P1 event

Seatrek Marine Services will be part of the P1 Scottish Grand Prix of the Sea, on 18-19 June. For the first time ever, the world’s largest marine motor sport heads to Scotland, for a one-two punch of powerboat and jetski racing. We’re talking about a weekend of non-stop speed and action! We will be part of the Inverclyde showcasing area situated … Read More

West Coast Cruise

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Seatrek West Coast Cruise

West Coast Cruise This had been an adventure both myself and wife Erika had wanted to do for some time and when the opportunity arose for us to explore further afield we grabbed it with both hands. The trip was to take a week and our journey was to cover the Crinan Canal, Dhors Mhor and the Cuan sounds arriving in … Read More


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RYA Active Marina

The RYA Active Marina Program was set up to encourage marina’s to develop events for their berth holders. To do this training, socialising among berth holders and events were organised. Here at Seatrek we have been fortunate enough to work with both our marina’s, Kip Marina and James Watt Dock,  developing training programs, work shops, flotillas and enjoying the social network that is … Read More