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Burns through scalds

Burns caused by Scalds can be bad enough when we are on dry land with a surface that doesn’t move. However, imagine if you will a vessel at sea. She is a moving platform, the deviation of the roll will depend for example: on the sea state, vessels passing and the wind against tide.

Your ovens, hobs should be secured and that is not to say fixed, this can be achieved by having securely mounted gimbals. Pan supports are also available and recommended for the top of the stove. On a vessel we need to be assured if the boat moves the appliance will move with her in a safe and secure fashion. Thereby avoiding spills and any other disaster, always make sure an adult is overseeing cooking of any description when at sea at all times.

Burns through scalds

burns to the hands


Burns through scalding

Scalds to feet

Hot Water, Steam and Oil
Signs & Symptoms
Casualty will suffer from Hypovolemic shock especially if the burns are more than 1% of the body surface.

Remove all clothing and jewellery
Cool with cold water for a minimum of 10 minutes. When removed if it is causing pain to your casualty continue to cool until the pain stops.
Dress in cling film, with fingers or toes make sure that they are kept separate and do not stick together.
Treat for Shock
• Whilst at sea consider going to a port / harbour for medical attention.
• In severe cases you will need to seek medical advice via the coastguard and either arrange for air lift, lifeboat or go straight to a port whichever is the most suitable, from a port an ambulance can transfer the casualty to hospital

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